Big Company Capabilities with Small Company Focus

Badger General Contracting Co. is located in Littleton, Massachusetts. Since 1986, we have offered services in all aspects of site development, including all phases of structural demolition and disposal, land clearing, grading, and sub base preparation.  We specialize in smaller excavating projects that requires careful attention to surroundings and more personalized services. Badger General Contracting Co. has performed all phases of contracting including complete site development.  Badger General Contracting Co. has the experience, capabilities and equipment to get the job done right the first time.  Whether the project requires large scale site work or a custom septic system installation, we can make it happen with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Badger General Contracting Co.'s Mission

As a small excavation company, our goal is to provide outstanding performance and personal attention on every project we are undertaking.  Badger General Contracting Co. is dedicated to safety, responsibility and results.

Customer Pledge

Badger General Contracting Co.'s customer pledge is a complete commitment to your job.  Once the job starts, our resources are committed and dedicated to that one job, enabling it to perform as quickly and efficiently as possible without distraction until completion.  Our "one job at a time" philosophy ensures that our focus is on your job everyday - guaranteed.  If something unforeseen does arise, you can be rest assured that Badger General Contracting Co. will utilize its experience to handle the situation as effectively, efficiently and inexpensively as possible. 


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