Creating a Safe Environment

Our philosophy is that safety is the foundation of every activity at a work site.  When we start with a safe work site, we are able to successfully complete a project in a timely manner.  Our productivity benefits because we know we are working in a safe environment.

Follow Our Lead

We try to set an example for safety at every work site.  Because we are often a subcontractor, we try to show general contractors how successful our safety programs are in terms of fewer jobsite injuries and loss-time accidents.  We lead by doing. Badger General Contracting Co. employs these initiatives to encourage safety.

  • Equipment Walk-Arounds
    By closely examining machinery, we can detect even the smallest things such as a burned-out headlight or a broken back-up alarm.

  • Hazard Analysis
    We look into the future of a project and identify possible hazards.  They are addressed so they do not endanger workers or slow the project.

  • Training
    We continuously keep our people up to date on safety procedures.

  • Safety Vehicle
    The company owner is responsible for site and employee safety compliance.  He visits and reviews job sites and sets the standard for safety.  The vehicle is loaded with the general safety equipment such as hard hats, glasses and earplugs.



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